It can, but with reduced functionality. Pair it with your mobile phone to unlock the full feature set trimmOne provides, including navigation and online mapping. Pairing your mobile device will also allow it to back up your data in the event your trimmOne powers down. In addition, the GPS initialization time will be reduced by up to five times. The stand alone mode will be activated 30 seconds after you power on your trimmOne device while the Bluetooth is disabled on your smartphone. The log data obtained in standalone mode will be transferred to your smartphone when it is available.

With Bluetooth turned on, connecting to a trimmOne will not drain your mobile device's battery. It may pull a small amount of energy from your mobile device battery after connecting, but it will not drain it over the course of a day. After trimmOne starts to work, your mobile device and trimmOne device will be powered independently. Note that the MAP navigation screen mode requires more power than other screen features. Expect updates.

The GPS sensor on your mobile device will only be used to initialize the trimmOne's GPS sensor. Then the smart phone's GPS sensor will be deactivated.

Yes, and you can set the backlight mode manually or automatically through the trimmCycling Center app. In the automatic mode, trimmOne's photoresistor detects ambient brightness and adjusts accordingly.

trimmOne's reflective type LCD is vivid even under direct sunlight.

trimmOne uses Open Street Map (OSM). In addition to the online live map, trimmOne can download the map of a region in advance for offline use.

trimmOne supports 11 languages. (English, Française, Español, Deutsch, Português, Italiano, Dutch, 한국어, 中文, 日本語, Dansk) We will expand the language set soon.

The power saving mode is used to conserve the trimmOne’s battery. This function turns off sensor search, GPS, and backlighting. If 10 seconds pass while holding down Stop, it automatically goes to power saving mode. If you don't want it, just press the button in the middle within 10 seconds. If you do that, it will switch to power saving mode after 30 minutes. In case of automatic stop, it will switch to power saving mode after 30 minutes.

When connected with a cadence sensor
In the indoor riding mode
When connected with a speed sensor
When backlight is activated
When solar charger is activated
When paired with a mobile device
When solar charger is deactivated
When connected to a power meter
During recharge (USB & Solar Charger)
When connected with SRAM e-Tap or Shimano Di2
When connected with a heart beat sensor
When GPS is in use

Yes, it does.

We recommend using the trimmOne device together with a speed sensor for optimal performance. Our smart battery management system allows for further battery savings. You can use a 3rd party speed sensor as well.

Under daylight it can simultaneously charge and operate your trimmOne device.

The solar charging icon on the upper side of the display shows that your trimmOne is being charged. However, it may not work well on days when there is no sunlight or strong sunlight.

Yes, it does.

We are aiming at supporting all ANT+, Bluetooth, speed, cadence, heart rate, and power sensors, and if you tell us a special sensor that is not compatible, we will add it through an update.

trimmOne is warrantied against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of original retail purchase when used in accordance with the user manual. The battery has a warranty of six months.